2024 CALA Annual Conference


A Panel Discussion on Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Libraries (CALA President’s Program) 

June 30, 1-2pm PST

Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 26 A B

Moderator: Michael B. Huang

Panelists: Leo Lo, Bohyun Kim, Fangmin Wang, and Bella Wu 

CALA Poster Session

June 30, 2-3pm PST

Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 26 A B

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Creative Uses of the Historical Documents under the Carleton-In-China Program
The purposes of historical documents (text and photographs) are to preserve the past and also serve as primary resources to understand the life and the society at a moment in time; the additional text materials give more context to the details of the…

Navigating the Complexity of Describing Chinese Historical Places Using the Wikibase Platform
Chinese historical places, with their extensive history spanning thousands of years, serve as profound symbols of the nation's rich cultural legacy. Capturing their historical changes in a consistent data model for describing cultural heritage,…

When Hands are Tight - A Creative Approach to Support Users’ Unique Needs in a Sino-Foreign University
Founded in 2012, NYU Shanghai is China's first Sino-US research university. With a student body comprising almost equal proportions of Chinese and international students, as well as faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, English is the language…
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