2023 CALA Annual Conference


CALA Virtual Events & CALA Programs at ALA Annual Conference 2023

CALA Board of Directors Meeting III (Virtual Meeting on Zoom)

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Time: 9-10 am HT / 12-1 pm PT / 1-2 pm MT / 2-3 pm CT / 3-4 pm ET

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Description: CALA Board of Directors III Meeting. CALA Executive Committee members and all Board of Directors and Chapter Presidents are expected to attend. Observers, especially incoming Board of Director members and incoming Chapter Presidents are welcomed. Agenda has been sent to all Board of Directors. Dorothy Li and Lily Li, the family of the late Dr. Tze-chung Li (founder of CALA) will offer brief celebratory remarks. Registration is required. 

CALA Webinar: Author Adam Brookes on "'Fragile Cargo: The World War II Race to Save the Treasures of China's Forbidden City'" (on Zoom)

Date/Time: Friday, June 16, 2023 02:00 PM Central Time 

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This presentation by Adam Brookes covers his latest book: 'Fragile Cargo: The World War II Race to Save the Treasures of China's Forbidden City'. This webinar will be recorded.

CALA Virtual Membership Meeting & Award Ceremony (on Kumospace)

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Time: 10-11 am HT / 12-1 pm PT / 1-2 pm MT / 2-3 pm CT / 3-4 pm ET

Registration Link: This meeting will be held on kumospace and NOT on zoom. 

Description: CALA virtual membership meeting & award ceremony will be held on kumospace. Join us to celebrate CALA’s 2022-2023 accomplishments and CALA members receiving awards. Potential CALA members are welcome to join us to learn more about the organization! 

You will need to create a free account first and then click here to access the kumospace: CALA Virtual Membership Meeting. Kumospace is an interactive space that is quite different from zoom and we are trying something different. (Short tutorial on kumospace set up). A recorded version will be shared later. 

CALA President’s Program 2023: A Panel Discussion with NALCo Leaders & Presidents at ALA Annual Conference 2023

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Time: 9-10 am CT 

Location/Room: McCormick Place, Room W183C // Map 

Description: In 2023, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) turns 50, an important milestone for a National Association of Librarians of Color (NALCo) focused on diversifying the profession and providing leadership and engagement opportunities for Chinese American library workers. To celebrate CALA’s 50th anniversary, this panel discussion brings together presidents from NALCOs: American Indian Library Association (AILA) Black Caucus of American Library Association (BCALA), Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA), and REFORMA - The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and Spanish-Speaking. These associations also comprise the Joint Council of Librarians of Color (JCLC). Each president will share regarding their association’s efforts in achieving 40th or 50th anniversary milestones! ALA Conference Registration is required to attend. Speakers: Vincci Kwong (Moderator/CALA), Ray Pun (CALA), Nichelle M. Hayes (BCALA), Annie Pho (APALA), Richenda Hawkins (AILA), and Romelia Salinas (REFORMA)

CALA Midwest Chapter Annual Program: Embracing Growth: Adapting to Changes in Librarianship at ALA Annual Conference 2023

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Time: 12:30-3:30 pm CT

Location/Room: McCormick Place, Room W470 // Map 

Description: CALA Midwest Chapter Annual Program: We are pleased to inform you that CALA Midwest Chapter is holding the annual chapter conference in person after three years. It will take place in Chicago on Saturday, June 24, 2023, on the theme of Embracing Growth: Adapting to Changes in Librarianship. We are taking advantage of ALA and CALA being held in Chicago this year. The Midwest Chapter Annual meeting will be on the same day and venue as the CALA President’s Program and the CALA 50th Anniversary Social and Poster presentations. So, members can attend all three events at once in one trip. Note: ALA Conference Registration is required to attend the Midwest Annual Meeting.

CALA 50th Anniversary Social & CALA Poster Presentations at ALA Annual Conference 2023

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Time: 4-5:30 pm CT Reception / 4-5 pm Poster Presentations

Location/Room:  McCormick Place, Room W187B // Map 

Description: Join us to celebrate CALA’s 50th anniversary! Light refreshment will be provided. We also have many poster presentations. List of poster presentations. There will be a special guest attending the session: Kelly Yang, New York Times best selling author and author of Finally Seen and this year’s ALA Honorary Chair for National Library Week. CALA member Susen Shi will introduce and briefly interview her. There will also be free book giveaways – thanks to Penguin Random House Library Marketing and Simon & Schuster! This reception is sponsored by EBSCO, NASIG, OverDrive, and Simon & Schuster. Note: ALA Registration is required to attend.

Here's the list of posters to be presented  (for a complete list with descriptions, please see here):
Social Media Promotion and Management Strategies for the Taiwan University System Library Huei-Yu, Wang; Ho-An, Chuang; CHI,HUA-HSIN; Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
Subject Heading Prediction based on the BERT model Huei-Yu, Wang; Wei-Hung Tseng;  Yu-Hao Lai; Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
Covid-19 and the Digital Shift: Research Trends in Academic Libraries Yi-Shan Hsieh、Ke-Ming Jhang、Yuan-Long Lin、Yu-Chun Chiu、 Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
Cross-Generation Communication: How The Young Adults Replied for the “Blessing GIF” on the LINE Application? Yi-Shan Hsieh, Chieh-Yu Wang, Yi-Chia Huang, Ya-Mei Cing Shuei, Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
The three ways training for incoming and arriving international students Shuzhen Zhao, Rong Luo, Karen Pillon
A Model of Open Scholarly Communications Yongming Wang
CALA Members Global Library Engagement: A Reflection on CALA Members Participation in Chinese Library Annual Conferences from 2013 to 2018 Michael Huang
Supporting Equal Access for People with Disabilities: A Task-oriented Testing Analysis for Alternative Format Collection System in Taiwan Chiao-Min Lin & Yu-Ting Huang
From Panic to Process: Developing Workflow and Selection Criteria for Accessing Text and Data Mining Corpora Shawn Vaillancourt, Wenli Gao, Orolando Duffus
Assessing the Appropriateness of Your Collection: A Conspectus and Checklist Practice Hanrong Wang
Needs of Cross-disciplinary Graduate Programs: How Libraries Contribute to Social Mobility in the post-pandemic Era Chyi-Kuan Wang, Chiao-Min Lin
International Outreach Initiatives at Illinois Fire Service Institute Library Lian Ruan; Shuyi Liu
Developing CALASYS in Celebration of CALA 50th Sai Deng, Suzhen Chen, Weiling Liu, Xiaoli Ma
Building a Large-Scale scholarly dataset with local journal publications: The experience of Taiwan Guan-Lun Huang, Ping Yang, Chin-Cheng Lin, Yuen-Hsien Tseng, Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
Modeling the Emergence of Classic Literature: A Case Study of "Soul Mountain" Guan-Lun Huang, Chin-Cheng Lin, Han-Sheng Huang
SDSU Faculty Wikidata Project: Using Python and Wikibot to Build and Update Faculty Profiles in Wikidata Greta Heng
Giving to CALA: a Way to Celebrate its 50th Anniversary Weiling Liu, Jingjing Wu
Promoting Local Cultural Collection through Digital Curation Chia Yi Liu, & Chiao-Min Lin
How libraries offer tech help: An ethnographic study based on the Urbana Free Library Guangchun Zheng, Kate Williams
Using an interactive authoring tool for a cataloging/metadata creation class – experimentation and prospects Suzhen Chen
Stories Beyond Borders: Developing the CALA/YALSA Taskforce & Reading List Crystal Chen, Melody Leung
Assessing CALASYS and its Value to the CALA Members 2022-2023 CALA Assessment and Evaluation Committee: Yuzhou Bai, Jia Mi, Yanhong Wang, Xiaoyin Zhang
Evaluation of CALA and its Chapters: Initial Results 2022-2023 CALA Assessment and Evaluation Committee -- Yuzhou Bai, Jia Mi, Yanhong Wang, Xiaoyin Zhang
Academic Librarians’ Use of Social Media for Teaching and Research Hui-Fen Chang & Jia Mi
Mobile divide Depicted: A Field Study of the Older adults in Sichuan, China Yuhao Zhang
Towards a More Equitable Future for Scholarly Publishing: Princeton University Library’s Approach to Open Access Yuan Li and Joe Marciniak
These posters will be self-submitted by their authors in the spring of 2023.

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Using an Interactive Authoring Tool for a Cataloging/Metadata<br /><br />
Creation Class – Experimentation and Prospects
Cataloging, classification, and metadata creation are essential functions of information organization in LIS (library and information science) field. High-quality data serves critical roles in effective organization of library materials. However,…

Why do Libraries Need to Offer Tech Help: An Ethnographic Study Based on the Urbana Free Library
The Urbana Free Library provides patrons with tech help through its Computer Lab program. The program helps patrons solve various problems they encounter when using any digital device. This poster presents an ongoing ethnographic study that examines…

Promoting Local Cultural Collection Through Digital Curation
This poster presents an attempt to showcase a local coming-of-age ceremony using digital methods and discusses the potential of local libraries and archives to foster a deeper connection with cultural heritage in the digital age.
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