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Ming Qing Women's Poetry Collection includes over 300 poetry works written by 173 Chinese women poets of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Data about those notable works was obtained from McGill University Library's Ming Qing Women’s Writings Database. Based on the collected information, seven Wikidata Chinese Culture and Heritage Group members developed a data model for this poetry collection, batch created and enhanced Wikidata entries, and built a digital collection of selected Chinese women’s poetry works. This collection provides basic bibliographic information and Wikidata links to both authors and their poetry works. It can serve as a learning portal for researchers who are interested in Chinese poetry by women poets. It not only allows users to explore the beautiful and inspiring poetry in ancient China written by women, but also enables users to discover and retrieve more information about the resources through Wikidata links. The collection promotes Chinese cultural heritage and demonstrates the power of linked open data in describing, distributing, and discovering digital collections. In addition, it makes more accessible the writings of Chinese women who achieved literary recognition during the Ming and Qing dynasties , but are not well documented in the Western World. 

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PubStatement: 日本安政三年 (1856) 浪華書林群玉堂翻刻本
Notes: 1856年日本翻刻本
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 謝方端, 陶所池內

Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 徐葉昭自序

PubStatement: 清光緒四年-民國二十七年 (1878-1938) 刻本
Notes: 出版年代錄自原圖書館記錄
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 郭遠堂序
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