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Series of board member reports for Annual and Midwinter conferences.

This presentation is a brief introduction to acknowledge the understanding of linked data, which yields hope to link separate objects in a meaningful way. The topic and potential of linked data has been hotly debated and very exciting. However, the…

This presentation discusses some basic knowledge and skills for an East Asian Study Libran. To
best serve the faculty and students, the librarians needs to know related academic programs and
faculty expertise, their research interests, courses…

Metadata librarians' engaging in the university knowledge community is becoming a trend in recent
years. In preparing for this change, it can be challenging for the metadata librarians to step out of the "back room", engage in scholarly…

Chinese-American Librarian Association bylaws, Last revised and amended 5/18/2016

CALA 2015 Strategic Plan.pdf
Plan describing CALA goals and strategy for 2010-2015.

CALA Newsletter Spring 2017.pdf
The CALA Newsletter is the official publication of the Chinese American Librarians Association, and it disseminates information about Chinese American Librarianship and the activities of the association. Some of the highlights in the 2017 Spring…

The conference schedule for CALA Southeast Chapter Conference that took place on January 20, 2017 at Georgia State University. Highlights from the conference included a tour and digital map showcase of the Georgia State University’s Collaborative…

The conference schedule for CALA Southeast Chapter Conference that took place on September 23, 2016. Highlights from the conference included keynote speaker Wenxian Jiang's presentation, entitled "China through American Eyes: Depictions of the…

A presentation discussing the benefits, the challenges, and the evolution of discovery services and tools.
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