Evaluation and comparison of discovery tools: An update


Evaluation and comparison of discovery tools: An update


Selection and implementation of a web scale Discovery tool by The Rider University Libraries (RUL) in the 2011-2012 academic year revealed the practical complexity of the endeavor. Research into the state of adoption of Web-scale Discovery tools in North America and the evolution of product effectiveness provided a starting point. The study reported here evaluated a total of 14 major Discovery tools (3 open source and 10 proprietary). The evaluation involves a check list of 16 criteria recognized as the advanced features of a modern OPAC. Some of the features have been used in previous research on Discovery tools and the next generation catalog. The authors examined 5 to 7 library websites that deployed a Discovery tool before a determination is made as to the presence or absence of a feature for a particular Discovery tool. The purpose of the study is to evaluate and compare all the major Discovery tools. These findings will serve to update librarians on the latest development in the library user interface and assist them in their adoption of a Discovery tool.


Yang, Sharon & Chickering, William




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Information Technology and Libraries, 33(2), 5-30





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