Redefining scholarly services in a research lifecycle


Redefining scholarly services in a research lifecycle


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The shifting landscape of scholarly communication and lack of a university wide institutional repository led the University of Central Florida (UCF) Libraries to develop a unique approach to supporting faculty and student research and scholarship. The Research Lifecycle at UCF model was created to connect researchers at UCF to existing institutional support services and illustrate the need for new services. The Research Lifecycle at UCF comprises four sub-cycles: the Planning cycle, the Project cycle, the Publication cycle, and the 21st Century Digital Scholarship cycle. The sub-cycles illustrate existing traditional services and needed new services. The library’s efforts in reshaping and promoting these services and resources to users are central to this concept. The expanding role of librarians in providing research support, shaping library services, collaborating within the library, and partnering with other campus units provides opportunities to develop evolving and new services within the construct of an institutional Research Lifecycle. Metadata and data management support are examples of developing services in response to identified unmet needs. Emphasis is placed on refining services, defining the scope, analyzing the components, and discussing potential resources to provide these services with existing staff and assets. Chapter can be accessed via Google Books at:


Deng, Sai; Dotson, Lee


Creating research infrastructures in the 21st-century academic library: Conceiving, funding, and building new facilities and staff


Rowman and Littlefield/Scarecrow Press






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Creating the 21st Century Academic Library, Vol. 4, Research infrastructures

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Deng, S. & Dotson, L. (2015). Redefining scholarly services in a research lifecycle. Creating the 21st Century Academic Library, Vol. 4, Research infrastructures. Edited by Brad Eden. Rowman and Littlefield/Scarecrow Press.

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