Dynamic Map Display in Web OPAC: An Experiment at Wichita State University Libraries


Dynamic Map Display in Web OPAC: An Experiment at Wichita State University Libraries


Online library catalogs; Shelving of library materials; User interfaces (Computer systems); Library materials; Academic libraries -- Automation; Online library catalogs; Libraries; Wichita State University. Libraries


Adding more features to the web OPAC or making the Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS) more compatible to external web services has been a tendency in recent years. Wichita State University (WSU) Libraries' Dynamic Map Project enriched the bibliographic information by displaying dynamic map(s) for each individual record in the web OPAC. Dynamic mapping provides a customized map display in an online public access catalog to give library patrons directional information to the shelved items. This article will discuss how the dynamic map project evolved and the pros and cons of using holdings records versus bibliographic records to generate the maps. It will describe the programming logic of the interactive direction maps to handle complex shelving situations. It will also address how to transfer data from the OPAC display to a processing program, and then combine this data with the data from linked tables in MS Access and an ILS database. User feedback and future possible enhancement of dynamic mapping in a library will also be discussed.


Li, Hongfei
Deng, Sai
Deyoe, Nancy


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Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal


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Li, H. F., Deng, S., & Deyoe, N. (2007). Dynamic map display in web OPAC: an experiment at Wichita State University Libraries. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 24. URL: http://www.iclc.us/cliej/cl24.htm


Li, Hongfei, Deng, Sai, and Deyoe, Nancy, “Dynamic Map Display in Web OPAC: An Experiment at Wichita State University Libraries,” CALASYS - CALA Academic Resources & Repository System, accessed January 25, 2020, http://ir.cala-web.org/items/show/322.