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Shifting Instruction for Sustainability: Lessons from COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic irrevocably changed the ways that libraries function. Libraries had to shift and our skills as librarians and educators were put to the test in new ways. As the Instruction Coordinator at New Mexico State University Library…

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ALA UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force

This field report explores the recent planning and work underway by the American Library Association’s United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Task Force.

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Sustainable Academic Libraries: The Experience of Organizing a Sustainable Conference

In 2007, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library kicked off a conference series with the main theme of ‘Academic Librarian.’ In 2016, the fourth conference of the series entitled Academic Librarian 4: Sustainable Academic Libraries: Now and…

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Steppingstones to More Sustainable Public Libraries in Finland: From Individual Initiatives toward National Guidelines and Standards

Public libraries in Finland have a strong history of cooperating and networking. Implementing SDGs and steering the action toward sustainability, however, has been so far carried out mainly out by individual libraries. A larger consensus or common…

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Managing a Sustainable Work-from-Home Scheme: Library Resiliency in Times of Pandemic

The resiliency of librarians is tested once again with the devastating occurrence of the pandemic situation worldwide. As a result of the global scare, many libraries have shut down as prescribed by the governments to minimize physical contact and…

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits

This poster will present on the sustainability and diversity of
Library Exhibits at UHM Hamilton Library. The poster will provide
examples of how cultural, social, historical and international themes
contribute to exhibit diversity. In addition,…

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits for outreach and marketing

This paper discusses the diversity and sustainability of library exhibits at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library, and explores it as a means of marketing and outreach.

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