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Represent Changes of Knowledge Organization Systems on the Semantic Web

Traditional knowledge organization systems (KOS) including thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies, subject heading systems, name authorities, and other lists of terms and codes have been playing important roles in indexing, information…

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Linked Data in a Nutshell: A Starter Kit of Selected Annotated Bibliography and Resources for Academic Librarians: Part Two

It has been a decade since Tim Berners-Lee coined Linked Data in 2006. More and more Linked Data datasets have been made available for information retrieval on the Web. It is essential for librarians, especially academic librarians, to keep up with…

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Name Authority Control in Digital Humanities: Building a Name Authority Database of Shanghai Library

Libraries as a type of social institution have a long history of collecting, preserving and spreading the knowledge of mankind and have cumulated a vast amount of highly structured data conforming to library and information standards. Among these…

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Linked Data Technologies and What Libraries Have Accomplished So Far

For the past ten years libraries have been working diligently towards Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Due to the complexity and vast scope of Linked Data, many people have a hard time to understand its technical details and its potential for the…

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Guest editorial on Linked Data

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Introduction to Linked Data

Linked Data is a powerful semantic web technology that makes knowledge and information spaces of different knowledge domains sharable, exchangeable, interoperable, and more. It is increasingly being used in libraries. This presentation is primarily…

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Linked data in the library

This presentation is a brief introduction to acknowledge the understanding of linked data, which yields hope to link separate objects in a meaningful way. The topic and potential of linked data has been hotly debated and very exciting. However, the…

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Library Discovery Services and Tools: Functionalities and Assessments

A presentation discussing the benefits, the challenges, and the evolution of discovery services and tools.

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Customer Relationship Management as an Imperative for Academic Libraries: A Conceptual Model-121 e-Agent Framework

This chapter proposes a conceptual model, the 121 e-Agent Framework, for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in academic libraries. Linked data and Semantic Web are the core components of this model. The implementation of the Framework will enable…

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Online Collaboration Tools

Descriptions on the tools used for libraries collaborations.

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