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Bridging the Gap between Library Services in Academic Libraries Worldwide: A Visiting Librarian Model

This article discusses an experience of the University of Central Florida (UCF) Library when hosting a visiting librarian from Tongji University Library in Shanghai, China, in 2015. Unlike most other visiting programs in the U.S., UCF's hosting…

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Making our communities greener: A case study of promoting biogas energy by Tongwei Evergreen Libraries in China

Promoting the consumption of new energies, particularly of biogas, in rural areas is a strategic initiative of the Chinese government. The government has incorporated this initiative into many of its rural development plans. Likewise, Tongwei…

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If You Build It, They will Use It: Creating Effective Course-level Library Guides

Bridging resources and users is one of the core responsibilities for a subject librarian in an academic library. A library research guide, which typically presents related resources and finding aids, is a straight way to link resources and users.…

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Discovery of Students' Learning Skills Through Library Statistic to Transform or Innovate Services

Through presenting Laney College students' diverse, the author introduced the changes of library information literacy instruction outcomes, which aligned with ACRL Frameworks for Information Literacy for Higher Education, and modifications of…

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Three Years of Unmediated Document Delivery : An Analysis and Consideration of Collection Development Priorities

Like most academic libraries, San José State University Library is struggling to meet users’ rising expectations for immediate information within the financial confines of a flat budget. To address acquisition of nonsubscribed article content,…

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Assessing Use of Library Space

Libraries often focus their assessment efforts on resources, services and programming. Collection analysis is conducted regarding usage of the collection. Surveys are conducted regarding library instruction and/or programming. What about the physical…

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Smiling Library

Smiling Library (微笑图书室) is a private non-profit organization in Shanghai, China. As shown in this video, the Smiling Mission is to offer reading promotional activities to rural and semi-rural primary schools in China, including Chengdu and rural…

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Building a Community with Virtual Programs: QPL’s Story During & After COVID-19 Pandemic

ALA Poster 2022_Hong.pdf
Stories from Queens Public Library. Poster presented at the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2022 poster session.

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Academic Libraries’ Support of Student Learning through Designing a Library-based Research Information Literacy Course

CALA 2022_Poster.pdf
This poster illustrates the process of designing a credit information literacy course as a viable alternative to the traditional one-shot library instruction mode. The poster showcases the significance of building a semester-long information literacy…

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From Panic to Process: Developing Workflow and Selection Criteria for Accessing Text and Data Mining Corpora

At the University of Houston Libraries, every request for data, text collections or access to text mining environments resulted in panic! There was no established workflow and steps had to be retraced and reestablished each time a new request came…

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