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Needs of Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Programs: How Libraries Contribute to Social Mobility in the Post-Pandemic Era

CALA2023_Poster_Chyi-Kuan Wang, Chiao-Min Lin (NCCU)_ver.3.pdf
This case study presents a unique insight into the relationship between cross-disciplinary graduate programs and social mobility, highlighting how libraries can contribute to the needs of students in these programs during the post-pandemic era. In…

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Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities

What do you know about race, art, civil rights, and the socio-political forces that guided the hip-hop generation? Have you heard of the Building a Pipeline of Community Connection that helps to build a staffing model that fosters diversity, equity…


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ALCTS news report: 21st-century collection development strategies for media

It is an ALCTS news report on the ALA Annual Conference session "21st-Century Collection Development Strategies for Media".

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Using blogs for knowledge management in libraries

This paper describes the concept of knowledge management and its twofold mission in libraries. It introduces the definition and types of blogs and analyzes their technical and cultural characteristics; it also makes a comparison between blogs and…

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Digital Initiatives and Practices at Wayne State University Libraries

A presentation on digital initiatives and code practices at Wayne State University that was delivered during the CALA Southeast Chapter and Southwest Chapter Joint Conference in June 2016.

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Communication Outreach Is Self-Promotion and Marketing: Proactive Community Outreach Is an Unshirkable Responsiblity of Academic Libraries--A Case Study of Western Kentucky University Libraries' Partnership with the Community's Public Library and Bookseller

It is not enough to transform a conventional library of book storage and lending into an electronically driven powerhouse of digitization. In addition to increasing and enhancing its collections, facilities, equipment and patron services, a library…

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CALA Midwest Chapter 2002 Annual Program, Chicago

Photos of the annual program for Chinese American Librarian Association, Midwest Chapter, Chicago, 2002

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