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Mobile Digital Divide Depicted: a Field Study of the Older Adults in Sichuan, China

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The extant literature demonstrates that the age-related digital divide prevents older adults from enhancing their quality of life. The research aims to characterize the mobile divide and promote active aging. We conducted semi-structured interviews…

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Metadata Effectiveness in Internet Discovery: An Analysis of Digital Collection Metadata Elements and Internet Search Engine Keywords

This study analyzed digital item metadata and keywords from Internet search engines to learn what metadata elements actually facilitate discovery of digital collections through Internet keyword searching and how significantly each metadata element…

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The State of Wireless Laptop Lending Programs: A Survey of Academic Libraries

Purpose – This paper seeks to learn, by way of a survey, what librarians at US colleges and
universities were doing and the issues they were encountering as they considered, developed, or
maintained wireless laptop computer lending programs (WLLP)

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Information Innovations: From the Web to the Blog – a Case Study

Purpose – Aims to provide a methodology to establishing a campwide‐blog service and the reasons why libraries might consider using blogging software in their institutions.

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