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A study of subject service in Chinese academic libraries

This article explores the current status and challenges of subject service in academic libraries in mainland China. The authors selected top thirty universities nominated by Chinese University Alumni Association (CUAA) in 2009 and examined their…

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How to Keep Sustainable Development of Central-Branch Library System from its Beginning in China -- Take Tianjin as an Example

CALAannual2018_poster_Xue Xiao.pdf
This poster explores the construction plan of the central-branch library system in Tianjin. The author uses in-depth interview, focus group interview, questionnaire and case study methods to get to know the present situation, problems and…

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Chinese Ethnicities and Their Culture: An Overview

China, the most populous country in the world, is also a nation of great diversity. In addition to the majority population of Han Chinese, there are some 55 officially recognized national minorities--including Tibetan, Mongol, Manchu, Zhuang, Dai,…

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Princess Peacock: Tales from the Other Peoples of China

This book fills a gap in the folklore literature by offering representative folktales from China's minorities, as well as background information on each of the ethnic groups. You'll find more than 50 fantastic and engaging tales, such as Princess…

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