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Developing CALASYS in Celebration of CALA 50th

CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS) is the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s institutional repository. It collects and archives CALA’s programs, documents and history, CALA members’ scholarly and professional…

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CALA 50th Anniversary Issue (CALA Newsletter, No. 127, Spring 2023)

50th Anniversary_2023-repub04042023.pdf
The CALA Newsletter is the official publication of the Chinese American Librarians Association, and it disseminates information about Chinese American Librarianship and the activities of the association. This is the CALA 50th Anniversary Issue (No.…

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CALA 50th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) 50th Anniversary Virtual Celebration highlights its 50th anniversary projects as well as showcases a short video that celebrates this occasion. It's hosted by the CALA 2022-2023 President Ray Pun and…

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CALA 50th Anniversary Video Celebration

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)'s 50th Anniversary Video Celebration, featuring CALA members as well as ALA leaders' greetings and their experiences with CALA.

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A Tribute Resolution Recognizing the Chinese American Librarians Association’s 50th Anniversary

A Tribute Resolution Recognizing the Chinese American Librarians Association.pdf
American Library Association (ALA) Tribute Resolution recognizing CALA's 50th anniversary. The resolution was shared in the 2023 ALA Council meeting at ALA LibLearnX Conference in New Orleans. Attached photo shows that Lessa Pelayo-Lozada, 2022-23…

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Counterstorytelling and Collaboration: Developing the CALA/YALSA Booklist Taskforce

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In early 2021, CALA and YALSA developed a taskforce that, in collaboration with ALSC, will create youth booklists highlighting Chinese American creators and stories. The booklists will be released in 2023 in celebration of CALA’s 50th Anniversary.…

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