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Promoting Library Advocacy, Diversity, Family Literacy, and Global Outreach

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is an ALA affiliate. In the 2011 Poster Session at the Diversity and Outreach Fair, CALA will showcase its mission, programs and services to diverse people of all ages, with emphasis on its library…

Inspiration and Participation: Promoting Diversity within the Organization and Beyond

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is an ALA affiliated ethnic librarian association. The value of diversity is essential to the accomplishment of its mission, objectives, and strategic goals. This poster session will present how CALA…

Information sec__ity , what’s missing? UR!

2016 CALA MW_Brown_sec--ity.pdf
Care to be aware! Stop by this session and get a brief introduction about information security and what role we all have in keeping information safe. Remember, Control + Alt + Delete when you leave your seat!

Engaging communities through conversations

2016 CALA MW_Kwong_EngagingCommunities.pdf
In 2015, The American Library Association (ALA) partnered with The Harwood institute for Public Innovation to offer the Public Innovators Lab for Libraries. By serving as a public innovator and having a better understanding of our communities, we not…

Help-seeking in the academic library in the digital age: a review of the research and a conversation

2016 CALA MW_Burns_HelpSeeking In the Library.pdf
Asking for help with library research can be difficult for students for many reasons. In this presentation, I will discuss some of the research on the topic of help-seeking. Many students still use a traditional approach by talking to a librarian at…

TensorFlow and its implications to libraries

TensorFlow, which stemmed from group research within Google, is a machine learning library made open source at November in the year of 2015. With TensorFlow, data flow chart can be constructed, and then executed after a session is launched.…

Designing flipped information literacy sessions with the Assessment-as-Learning Model

2016 CALA MW Annual _Yan He.pdf
This presentation will focus on how an information literacy librarian teamed up with a Biochemistry professor and designed two flipped information literacy sessions to teach undergraduates how to read and find primary literature. We used the…

A Job or a Career: How to market yourself to land on your dream job

2016 CALA MW_Qi Chen_How to find your dream job.pdf
What is your dream job? Different people will have different opinions of a dream job, more money, more conformable, more fitting your life style or …? Getting a dream job is your most important investment. You should plan your search very carefully…