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Research and development of digital libraries in China: major issues and trends

This paper presents an overview on research and development of digital libraries in China, introduces three digital library prototypes being built, and analyses problems and countermeasures of Chinese digital libraries construction.

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The construction of a Chinese rubbings digital library: an attempt in preserving and utilizing Chinese cultural heritage materials

China is a country with an ancient civilization going back 5,000 years. Keeping records on inscriptions is an important method of preserving the memory of Chinese history and culture. Rubbings are important components of ancient Chinese books, and…

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New era new development: an overview of digital libraries in China

his paper presents an overview of research and development on digital libraries in China since 2002, introduces two completed digital library projects, and analyzes existing problems and countermeasures in Chinese digital library construction.

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Information literacy in vocational education: a course model

Vocational education has undergone major changes in recent years. The need for incorporating information literacy into the vocational school curriculum exists, given the nature of the mission of this particular type of educational institutions. Over…

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Evidence-based medicine and the development of medical libraries in China

This article elaborates on the opportunities and challenges that evidence-based medicine (EBM) has posed to the development of medical libraries and summarizes the research in the field of evidence-based medicine and achievements of EBM practice in…

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Disrupting White Supremacy Through BIPOC Solidarity

What does it mean to be in solidarity with other Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. (BIPOC)? This webinar will be a discussion of why solidarity is vital and what it might look for us to engage in it. As Asian/Pacific Americans, we benefit…

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Three Years of Unmediated Document Delivery : An Analysis and Consideration of Collection Development Priorities

Like most academic libraries, San José State University Library is struggling to meet users’ rising expectations for immediate information within the financial confines of a flat budget. To address acquisition of nonsubscribed article content,…

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Increasing of libraries' value : both public and academic libraries deliver electronic information resources

With innovative uses of technologies and development, especially internet using to deliver and share information in both public and academic institutions, libraries are facing to migrate from print repositories to information service centers, and…

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Discovery of Students' Learning Skills Through Library Statistic to Transform or Innovate Services

Through presenting Laney College students' diverse, the author introduced the changes of library information literacy instruction outcomes, which aligned with ACRL Frameworks for Information Literacy for Higher Education, and modifications of…

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In Loving Memory of Dr. Tze-Chuang Li

The memorial issue of Dr. Tze-Chung Li, 1927/2/17-2020/4/22. Dr. Li is a pioneer in library education in the United States. He was the Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Graduate School of Library Information Science at Dominican University.…

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