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Creating Online Tutorials: A Way to Embed Research Instruction into Distance Learning and Traditional Classes

An instructional presentation on creating online tutorials to assist and enhance distance learning.

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Folksonomies as Subject Access A Survey of Tagging in Library Online Catalogs and Discovery Layers

Introduce A Survey of Tagging in Library Online Catalogs and Discovery Layers.

Position: 191 (29 views)

Digital Reference: A Survey of Its Popularity As A Reference Tool And Technologies Used By The US Academic Libraries

A Survey report for how academic libraries provide and market digital reference, plus, what technologies they used.

Position: 225 (25 views)

New Directions in Information Organization-A Linked Data Model with BIBFRAME

Discussion on BibFrame, a new direction for organization of information, a linked data model.

Position: 78 (34 views)

Online Collaboration Tools

Descriptions on the tools used for libraries collaborations.

Position: 78 (34 views)

Producing Online Tutorials: Collaboration between librarians and teaching faculty-Photo Story 3, Movie Maker, and Wink

Introduce system tools such as Photo Story 3, Movie Maker, and Wink for collaborations between librarians and teachers in academic institutes.

Position: 30 (40 views)

Is Semantic Web Our Future?

Introduction for Semantic Web for the trends and development for information resources and organization of information.

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Move into the Cloud, Shall We?

Introducing cloud computing technology used for information services and library systems.

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From RDA to Semantic Web: A Progress Report

Introduced the changes and progress for organization of information in libraries from RDA to Semantic Web.

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