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CALA: Bridges for Chinese-American Librarianship in the 21st Century

CALA has initiated and organized many workshops and conference in China to share librarianship with Chinese librarians. One of the significant programs is the CALA 21th Century Librarian Seminar series: “Sino-U.S. Forum on Library Practices”. Up…


Celebrating Diversity - Reaching In, Out & Beyond

Founded in 1973, CALA is proud to celebrate its 40 year’s legacy.


CALA Meetings, Activities and Awards Banquet at ALA Annual Conference 2009

Photos taken at the 2009 CALA/ALA Annual Conference, covering the CALA's programs, meetings and the awards banquet held in Chicago on July 10-14.

CALA MW 2005 annual program photos

Photos from the annual program of Chinese American Librarian Association middle west chapter in 2005


CALA MW 2002 Annual Program (in Chicago)

Photos of the annual program for Chinese American Librarian Association, Middle West Chapter in 2002, which is held in Chicago

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Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library Web Site

Selected Chinese Studies Web Resources from Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library, University of California, Los Angeles.

A page of selected links to Internet resources relating to Chinese Studies. Some sites also cover Taiwan and Hong…


The Integrated Library System’s APIs

Introduction to Web API coding for library online cataloging system (Voyager), including features, structure of system, with corresponding API coding (PHP).

Automated processing of massive audio/video content using FFmpeg

Coding and using FFmpeg created for automated processing AV materials.