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Using web services for a mobile OPAC

Mang Sun, Fondren library at Rice University where he is the systems librarian.


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The integrated library system’s APIs, an open-source web 2.0 catalog, and university computing live happily ever after

Birong A. Ho, a Systems Librarian at Western Michigan University Libraries.

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CALA Newsletter, No. 108, Spring 2013

The CALA Newsletter is the official publication of the Chinese American Librarians Association, and it disseminates information about Chinese American Librarianship and the activities of the association. The CALA Newsletter is also available at…

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CALA 2013 President's Report

CALA (Chinese American Librarians Association), in collaboration with other library organizations, is a leading librarians' organization which advances diversity and equality of library services to the library communities worldwide through the…


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Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA ) Constitution and Bylaws

The organization is incorporated in the state of Illinois.
The purpose of this organization are:
To provide a forum for discussing problems and concerns of Asian/Pacific American, for the exchange of ideas by Asian/Pacific American librarians and…

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CALA: Bridges for Chinese-American Librarianship in the 21st Century

CALA has initiated and organized many workshops and conference in China to share librarianship with Chinese librarians. One of the significant programs is the CALA 21th Century Librarian Seminar series: “Sino-U.S. Forum on Library Practices”. Up…


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