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Academic Libraries in a Digital Era (II)

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Mei-Mei's Lucky Birthday Noodles: A Loving Story of Adoption, Chinese Culture and a Special Birthday Treat

"Mei-Mei is Chinese—but not Mom and Dad! When she was a baby, Mom and Dad flew all the way to the other side of the world to adopt her and bring her home. Lucky for Mei-Mei, her parents want her to know all about her roots in China's wonderful…

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The Year of the Fortune Cookie

The Year of the Fortune Cookie.jpg
"The third chapter book sequel to The Year of the Book and The Year of the Baby, eleven-year-old Anna takes a trip to China and learns more about herself and her Chinese heritage."
"This book focuses on the life on a Chinese family living in America…

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An Annotated Bibliography for Taiwan Film Studies

Compiled by two skilled librarians and a Taiwanese film and culture specialist, this volume is the first multilingual and most comprehensive bibliography of Taiwanese film scholarship, designed to satisfy the broad interests of the modern researcher.…

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An Annotated Bibliography for Chinese Film Study

It is the first and only multilingual bibliography for Chinese film studies, which covers monographic materials - including monographs, conference proceedings, and theses - that relate to film studies in and about Mainland China published between…

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Chinese Independent Films from 1987-2013: a filmography of 849 films organized by the director's names

A filmography of 849 Chinese independent films (produced from 1987-2013) organized by the director’s names.

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