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Stories Beyond Borders: A Chinese American and Diasporic Reading List

Stories Beyond Border - A Chinese American and Diasporic Reading List.pdf
Created to commemorate the Chinese American Librarians Association’s 50th Anniversary, Stories Beyond Borders features children’s, middle grade, and young adult books centering Chinese American and diasporic voices. Rooted in different parts of the…

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Iron Widow

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Wu Zetian has one goal—to get revenge on the male pilot responsible for the death of her sister. Her revenge, however, leads to the discovery of a conspiracy, one that can break apart the misogyny of the Chrysalis program. This is one of the books on…

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The Three-Body Problem

"With the scope of Dune and the commercial action of Independence Day, this near-future trilogy is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience this multiple-award-winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author.…

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