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Analyzing and Enhancing CMC Biography Subject Headings for Race and Gender

Dr. Rudine Bishop's theory "Windows, Mirrors and Sliding Glass Doors" explains that children need to see themselves reflected in books and learn about the lives of others. With equity, diversity, and inclusion in mind and to improve access to the…

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This Place Is Still Beautiful

This Place Is Still Beautiful.jpeg
Margaret and Annalie find themselves on opposite sides when a racist slur is written on their garage door. As the sisters navigate their bubbling emotions, the widening gulf between them threatens to upheave their family dynamics. This is one of the…


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Superman Smashes the Klan

Superman Smashes the Klan.jpeg
In 1946, Lan-Shin (Roberta) Lee and her family move out of Chinatown to central Metropolis and attempt to fit in with the neighbors. But when the Klan begins harassing the Lees, Roberta teams up with new friends to help Superman take down the Klan in…

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The Legend of Auntie Po

The Legend of Auntie Po.jpeg
Mei and her father work in an 1885 Nevada logging camp. Mei enjoys cooking for her camp family, developing feelings for Bee, and telling tall tales of Auntie Po. That is, until the company demands that the camp stops hiring Chinese workers in the…


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American Born Chinese

American Born Chinese.jpeg
Jin Wang is bullied and alienated at his school for being the only Chinese American student. When a new Taiwanese student enrolls, Jin grapples with complicated feelings. Three stories intertwine in this iconic coming-of-age graphic novel, leading to…

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New from Here

New from Here.jpeg
Ten-year-old Knox isn't just the new kid

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The Good Immigrants: How Yellow Peril Became the Model Minority

"Conventionally, US immigration history has been understood through the lens of restriction and those who have been barred from getting in. In contrast, The Good Immigrants considers immigration from the perspective of Chinese elites-- intellectuals,…

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