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Opening CALASYS to All Members

Since the Chinese American Librarians Association’s Academic Resources and Repository System (CALASYS, was initiated in 2013, its collections have grown gradually by way of the Committee’s curation and entries with…

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Practices, challenges, and prospects of big data curation: A case study in geoscience

This paper discusses the practices, challenges, and prospects of big data curation using the geoscience field as a case study.

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Using Wikidata to Create Knowledge Graphs for Library Collections

As a Linked Open Data (LOD) platform for structured data, and a community-building knowledge base, Wikidata stores people, spaces, times and other entities, and their semantic relationships. Wikidata Knowledge graph is a knowledge base that…

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CALASYS Self-Contribution Training

CALASYS Self-Contribution Training_2.pdf
Training on how to self-contribute to the Chinese American Librarians Association Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS). It's conducted by the CALASYS Committee. CALA President Ray Pun delivered the opening message for the training…

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Chinese Ancestors Portraits Project & Wikidata

"Chinese Ancestors Portraits Project & Wikidata" is the first session in the CALA Speaker Series: Describing Chinese Rare Books and Cultural Heritage Collections. It shares the reasons and motivations for the selection of Wikidata as a platform…

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Tse-Tsung Chow Collection of Chinese Scrolls and Fan Paintings

Chinese Scrolls presentation for CALA.pdf
"Tse-Tsung Chow Collection of Chinese Scrolls and Fan Paintings" is the second session in the CALA Speaker Series: Describing Chinese Rare Books and Cultural Heritage Collections. It provides a brief introduction to the background of the collection…

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Developing CALASYS in Celebration of CALA 50th

CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS) is the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s institutional repository. It collects and archives CALA’s programs, documents and history, CALA members’ scholarly and professional…

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Using an Interactive Authoring Tool for a Cataloging/Metadata
Creation Class – Experimentation and Prospects

Cataloging, classification, and metadata creation are essential functions of information organization in LIS (library and information science) field. High-quality data serves critical roles in effective organization of library materials. However,…

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Together We Make It Work! – Metadata Collaboration in UIC Libraries

This presentation is a case study that discusses the successful collaboration between different departments within our university library to improve our metadata. The collaboration combined library faculty and staff knowledge of metadata standards…

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AI, Cataloging & Metadata

This presentation explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on cataloging and metadata, presenting examples of AI-based cataloging. It provides a few examples of utilizing ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat Enterprise for tasks such as creating a…

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