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International Outreach Initiatives at the Illinois Fire Service Institute Library

The Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign provides international outreach services to firefighters and librarians around the world. These services include assistance with training,…

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OCUL Collaborative Futures Project

OCUL Collaborative Futures Project.pdf
Ontario university libraries in Canada have a long history of collaboration and cooperation to address challenges libraries have been facing together to meet users’ needs. In 2013, a provincial wide discussion was initiated by a group of information…

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OCLC Compact Disk and Online Cataloging

This book was written by Wihan Diao, Andrew Wang, and Dr. Li after Diao's visit to Ohio University.

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Library Development, Resource Sharing, and Networking among Higher Education Institutions in Papua New Guinea. Final Report and Recommendations

This report presents recommendations for the upgrading of higher education information resources in Papua New Guinea according to acceptable norms, effective sharing of resources through phased introduction of automation and networking, and the…

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Areas of Cooperation in Library Development in Asia and Pacific Regions

These papers were presented at the 1983 Joint Annual Program of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association and Chinese American Librarians Association, June 28-29, 1983, Los Angeles, California.

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Organizational and operational optimization of academic library and information technology

In light of the development of the digital library, the deficiencies of collaboration and integration between the Information Technology unit and the Library on campus have created numerous obstacles to maintaining high-quality and effective digital…

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Building an institutional repository at a liberal arts college

Institutional repositories (IRs) are being used increasingly as infrastructures for self-created digital collections at large academic and research libraries. This paper demonstrates how a small liberal arts college can build an institutional…

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The CUNY-Shanghai Library Faculty Exchange Program

The librarian exchange between The City University of New York (CUNY), Shanghai University, and Shanghai Normal University took place spring 2010-fall 2011. Eight faculty from each country participated. Discussion and dialogue with Chinese visiting…

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