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Scoping the Chinese American Librarians Association Services with a National Survey

CALA Assessment Survey Poster 2018_final.pdf
To make the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) a stronger organization and to serve its members more efficiently and effectively, CALA’s Assessment and Evaluation Committee designed an online survey and distributed it to all members…

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Problems of JCR categories: Information Science & Library Science

CALA Poster--PDF--Wang Ching Shaw--20180624.pdf
Introduction and Method
The Impact Factor, IF, ranking of journals in Journal Citation Reports (JCR), influences journals’ academic evaluation and the IF ranking which is closely related to its journal’s category. The author has analyzed 88…

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Chinese special collections at UBC Library

This paper about the Chinese special collection housed at the University of British Columbia was presented to the International Symposium on Descriptive Bibliography and Scholarly Editing at Sun Yat-sen University by Jing Liu.

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Building Partnerships Supporting Non-Native Language Speakers

Would you like to gain useful approaches to discovering partnerships that weave diversity through your library’s community? Harper College Adjunct Librarians will showcase how they successfully built meaningful and constructive collaborations with…

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Chinese American Librarians Association: Embracing Diversity and Outreaching to the Global Community

The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services selected 33 presentations for the 2017 Diversity and Outreach Fair, held from 3 – 5 p .m. on June 24 in the Special Events area in the Exhibits Hall at McCormick during ALA’s Annual…

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Dynamic Map Display in Web OPAC: An Experiment at Wichita State University Libraries

Adding more features to the web OPAC or making the Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS) more compatible to external web services has been a tendency in recent years. Wichita State University (WSU) Libraries' Dynamic Map Project enriched the…

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Location and Shelf Mapping from OPAC Search Results: With Reference To Wichita State University

Purpose Ð The purpose of this paper is to examine dynamic mapping of holding locations to the animated maps in a library catalog which aims to resolve complex shelving situations, augment the user experience in locating library materials and enrich…

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Communication Outreach Is Self-Promotion and Marketing: Proactive Community Outreach Is an Unshirkable Responsiblity of Academic Libraries--A Case Study of Western Kentucky University Libraries' Partnership with the Community's Public Library and Bookseller

It is not enough to transform a conventional library of book storage and lending into an electronically driven powerhouse of digitization. In addition to increasing and enhancing its collections, facilities, equipment and patron services, a library…

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Leveraging Quality Web-based Library User Services in the Digital Age

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore key issues involved with opportunities, challenges, and future developing trends of delivering dynamic and distributed web‐based academic library information resources, services, and instructions for…

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