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Problems of JCR categories: Information Science & Library Science

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Introduction and Method
The Impact Factor, IF, ranking of journals in Journal Citation Reports (JCR), influences journals’ academic evaluation and the IF ranking which is closely related to its journal’s category. The author has analyzed 88…

Promoting and teaching information literacy on the Internet: Surveying the web site of 264 academic libraries in North America.

A survey of various academic libraries in North America to determine how information literacy sessions are promoted and taught.

“Beitan Shu Ji Qi Yan Jiu Li Yong: Li Shi Yu Xian Zhuan.”

Uncover the treasures of cultural exchange between China and the Occident: a retrospective study on Beitang Collection

“Same Voice, Different Tongues: On Hwang Ch’un-ming’s and Gao Xiaosheng’s Language Style.”

Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association 33.1 ): 83-97.