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Conference Committee Reports

Series of board member reports for Annual and Midwinter conferences.

CALA MW 2002 Annual Program (in Chicago)

Photos of the annual program for Chinese American Librarian Association, Middle West Chapter in 2002, which is held in Chicago

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CALA MW 2005 annual program photos

Photos from the annual program of Chinese American Librarian Association middle west chapter in 2005


A Job or a Career: How to market yourself to land on your dream job

2016 CALA MW_Qi Chen_How to find your dream job.pdf
What is your dream job? Different people will have different opinions of a dream job, more money, more conformable, more fitting your life style or …? Getting a dream job is your most important investment. You should plan your search very carefully…

An Annotated Bibliography for Taiwan Film Studies

Compiled by two skilled librarians and a Taiwanese film and culture specialist, this volume is the first multilingual and most comprehensive bibliography of Taiwanese film scholarship, designed to satisfy the broad interests of the modern researcher.…

An Annotated Bibliography for Chinese Film Study

It is the first and only multilingual bibliography for Chinese film studies, which covers monographic materials - including monographs, conference proceedings, and theses - that relate to film studies in and about Mainland China published between…